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Replacing parking lot lamps by yourself 
can be  difficult and dangerous. 
Let us do it for you! 

Our services include:

• Changing-out your current lights with energy 
saving parking lot lighting,including energy
 efficient LED lighting.

• Exchanging burnt out or flickering lamps, 
including  sodium lamps, metal halide, or 
mercury vapor lamps.

• We also CLEAN light fixtures to allow for 
greater illumination and even light distribution
 as well as increased safety.

• Re-lamping of your entire parking lot.

Energy saving parking lot lighting is designed to save you money as is both environmentally and economically-friendly.

 Effective parking lot lighting can reduce security costs, maintain your store’s image, lead to more sales and make your customers feel more secure. Are your lights doing all they should for you, if not call us today!

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