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Best Ways Of Keeping Your Home Safe Electrically 
Keeping a home safe today requires attention to detail with regard to electrical wiring, appliances and general electricity usage. Here are some great ways to keep your home as safe as possible over the long term when it comes to electricity. For example, one of the best ways to avoid an unnecessary electrical fire in any home is to simply replace or if possible repair damaged or loose residential type electrical cords. Equally important is to avoid running extension cords across doorways or even under any type of carpeting. This is a common mistake that can result in personal injury and in some cases loss of life related accidents. 

Make A Home Far Safer In The Long Run

For homes where children are present it is best to always make full use of tamper resistant outlets and outlet protectors. These items are inexpensive and easy to find today. As an alternative to using extension cords it is recommended to have an electrical technician install additional outlets. This simple measure can greatly reduce the use of extension cords and make a home far safer in the long run. When plugging any type of appliance into an outlet it is best to always read and understand the manufactures advice and recommendations in this regard. Choosing to ignore these written instructions may cause a fire or injury. 

Use The Right Light Bulb When Replacing A Bulb

Finally, anytime an outlet feels warm or hot to the touch it is important to contact an experienced Riverside electrician as soon as possible. Delaying this simple action could result in a fire or injury. In many situations a hot outlet is accompanied by a tripped-breaker. If this happens, only reset a breaker one time. If it trips again, call an electrician in Riverside for assistance. As an added note, it is a good idea to always use the right light bulb when replacing a bulb. Choosing a bulb of the right wattage is a smart way to avoid electrical problems. Contact All Lights Electrical Service today for a Corona electrical contractor with years of experience in the industry

Published 4.8.15 ALES