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Appliance Safety Tips For Homeowners 
Appliances play an ever increasingly important role in our daily lives. We wash clothes, clean dishes and cook food all thanks to modern appliances. Here are a few smart safety tips for homeowners when it comes to keeping appliances in good working order and avoiding injury. For example, it is always a good idea to only purchase appliances that are approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). This consumer agency rates and approves appliances for home use. In addition, an easy way of increasing safety around the home is to simply unplug appliances that are not in use. This helps to keep kids safe and actually even saves electricity. Appliances that are known to generate any appreciable amount of heat should be properly positioned when placed in a home setting. 

Installing And Operating A Home Appliance

Computers, TVs and toasters among other kinds of appliances should be maintained several inches away from the wall to ensure adequate airflow. Equally important is to always avoid having any kind of fabric like draperies cover an appliance. This is a sure way to start a fire at home. As an added note, homeowners should always read in detail all the manufacturers recommendations when it comes to installing and operating a home appliance. Homeowners should also refrain from attempting to do work on appliances. It is always a better option to call in a professional Corona electrician

Standing In Water Or On A Wet Surface

Finally, any type of combustible material should be keep at a safe distance from appliances. This includes toys, paper material and other similar items. This is especially true with regard to space heaters and radiators in the home. Many fires have been started over the years because of careless mistakes in this regard. One more essential when it comes to staying safe in the home is to never under any circumstances operate any type of appliance that is powered electrically while standing in water or on a wet surface. This is a sure way to become seriously injured. This informative article brought to you by the friendly Riverside Electricians of All Lights Electrical Service

Published 4.8.15 ALES